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1707 Now for a tune jf loftypraise

The Church Hymn Book: 
With Tunes, for the Worship of God
1 Now for a tune jf loftypraise
     To great Jehovah's cgual Son!
  Awake, my voice! in heavenly lays,
     Tell the loud wonders he hath done.

2 Sing - how he left the worlds of light,
     And the bright robes he wore above, -
  How swift and joyful was his flight,
     On wings of everlasting love.

3 Deep in the shades of gloomy death,
     Th'almighty Captive pris'nea lay:
  Th'almighty Captive left the earth,
     And rose to everlasting day.

4 Amongst a thousand harps and sons,
     Jesus, the God, exalted reigns;
  His sacred name fills all teir tongues,
     Andechoes through the heavenly plains.
                                   Isaac Watts,  1707
Источник стр. 176

Верхняя часть титульной страницы. Лондонское издание 1821 года

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